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Phlebotomy Courses

All you have to do is make the choice to get involved and dramatically improve your chances at new opportunities in Phlebotomy,phlebotomy training and phlebotomy courses:

Our Fast Track 1 Day Intensive Phlebotomy Training and phlebotomy courses designed for medical practitioners and healthcare workers. This venepuncture course will equip you with all the information you need to start practicing phlebotomy today! On completion you will receive a Certificate of Attendance.

Please Book The Phlebotomy Course According To Your Cretaria

Our Hospital/Clinic Practical Phlebotomy Workshop (Part II of the course) where, under supervision, you will take live blood samples from patients and receive a phlebotomy

Certificate of Competency on completion!

That’s right, in a struggling economy; you have to take steps to improve your skills ensuring you are a valuable asset to your organization. And comprehensive training is exactly what you need


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Here’s What You’ll Learn at Maxis Healthcare’s Phlebotomy Training Course:

1 Day Intensive Phlebotomy Course (Part I)

Dry Lab Practice and Vital Theory Practice – Under the instruction of a qualified phlebotomy will go through all the essential areas of information to deal with not easy patients or children how to label the sample correctly. We will give you lecturer. This is followed by the simulation lab on mannequins. You will receive a Certificate of Attendance at the end of this training day.

(Optional) ‘Live’ from 1 to 2 sessions Bloods

Experience (Part II)

Practical Live Assessment – Under the supervision of a phlebotomy head within a real medical setting, you will take live bloods from real patients! At the end of this period you’ll receive a Certificate of Competency!

At last! You can learn all the secrets to be a great Phlebotomist, without breaking the bank or to interfere with your current work or personal obligations!

If you are interested in careers in the bloodletting, we can offer you training that lead to a Certificate of Competence in Phlebotomy.

For starters, you can enroll in courses Maxis Health is listed below:

Part 1:


One Day Fast tract Intensive Phlebotomy – this includes theory and laboratory experience in the dry Phlebotomy – You will receive a certificate of course completion for completion.This course is designed for those with experience and knowledge of health and is suitable for people who already work or have experience, for example, in health care. HCA, nurses, paramedics, doctors, clinic staff, laboratory staff, biomedical science professionals and students in healthcare phlebotomy courses.
2 day beginners Phlebotomy courses – this course introduces the people who are new to health care, or those seeking a career change bloodletting. This is a more detailed course, which is held for 2 days and gives a greater emphasis on the basics of anatomy, phlebotomy courses including infection control, health and safety, as well as practical tips for beginners. You will also have the opportunity to practice on mannequins. You will receive a Certificate of Completion upon completion of this course


On completion of the Theory course (Part 1), you can progress to achieve a Certificate of Competency in Phlebotomy, by attending the Live Bloods Course where you will undertake live blood sessions.
The bottom line is in the Maxis Healthcare Phlebotomy Training Course, you’ll gain all the knowledge and experience you need to begin immediately performing successfully as a phlebotomist. You’ll gain the skills necessary to not only obtain a job, but to advance in this ever growing occupation.
So why wait any longer? If you are trying to enhance the value of your current career;
now is the time and Maxis Healthcare’s Phlebotomy Training Course is the place!

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Joanne Says :
It's with great please to announce that I will soon be starting my phlebotomy career at Kettering general hospital, I passed maxis healthcare course at the end of September 2015 then did my assessment in October. Kind regards Joanne

Nnamdi Says :
Dear Dr Cheema, Good morning and hope you are well today? I attended the live blood session yesterday with the tutelage of Jasmin.It went very well. She was very helpful,courteous and patient with me till I was confidently collecting blood samples from patients. I remain grateful to her and Kay for doing a great job. Thank you for putting it all together. As I wait to receive my certificate of competence,please remember to assist me with references. I look forward to getting a volunteer position to maintain the skills I acquired. Thanks once more. Nnamdi

Mozhgan Says :
Dear Dr Cheema Many thanks for the best live training session. Yasmina was really professional and enthusiastic for training. Best wishes Mozhgan

Maria Amaral Says :
Dear Dr Cheema Thank you for lessons you sent to me though I haven't checked them yet because I have finished my live blood training 1hr ago and I am on train. I am glad that I have concluded my training and really enjoyed it and ready enjoy your have been trained and supervised by Jasmin.She was very kind, support person to me. I would like to say thank for all of you once again. Kind Regards Maria Amaral

Norrin Says :
It is norrin ? It was really a good course as you know I had my kids it was slightly difficult for me but overall it was good. Thank you very much Dr Cheema you are amazing teacher and have wonder trainer in yourteam. Sent from my iPhone

Yvonne Bowen Says :
Dear Mr Cheema I would like to thank you for booking my appointment on the 12 & 14 of Jan 2016. I received a high quality traing from my trainers, Gurpreet & BhavishaI I found them both to be a worm and welcoming people, they made me feel very relaxed during my training sessions. I really enjoyed my training and didn't want it to end. I wish there could be a Gurpreet & BhavishaI in every office the work place would be a better place to work in Thank You Both. Kind Regard Yvonne Bowen

Gretta Says :
Hi Dr Cheema Thanks for organising the live blood draw for me . Yasmine was extremely helpful and very nice. I agree with your very high recommendation of her and was very priviliged to have such a great mentor. Please can you send my certificate as soon as possible as l need it to get insurance Thanks again for everything , no doubt we will talk in the future Regards Gretta

Ergul Says :
Dear Dr Shahbaz Thank you for information. I will be there . Also I had a great training weekend and I got lots of usefull information. Kind Regards Ergul

Suzanne Peck Says :
Hi Dr Cheema, I hope that you are well? I completed my training day yesterday with amzaing trainer Jasmine. She is absolutely fabulous,so professional, friendly, helpful, supportive and a great mentor. I cannot praise her enough. It was quite an experience and at the beginning the day I was very nervous, but by the end of the day with Jasmine’s patient help and advice, I left feeling confident and very proud of myself. I would highly recommend her as a trainer. Thank you all, Suzanne Peck

Asma'u Mohammad Wali Says :
Hi Dr. Cheema, I am pleased to inform you that I have done the part two of the phlebotomist training yesterday. I was opportune to meet Yesmin at the clinic, who carried me along throughout the session. she is such an amazing tutor and an excellent phlebotomist. I was also lucky because they have booked up to 28 patients yesterday, of which she took blood sample for only three patients and let me did the remaining 25 patients. I must say that she did so well to me because she kept on encouraging me with wonderful remarks even though, I was just learning. Also, she made it easier for me by constantly telling the patient that " she is my student and she is good" that has boosted my confidence and was able to do it without much fear that I had in the beginning of the session. Therefore, I have to acknowledge the fact that Maxis healthcare have choosing the right person to give training to their students. So, I'm highly indebted to thank you as well as other members of the maxis healthcare team. Thank you very much. With best regards, Asma'u Mohammad Wali

Baria Says:
Dear Dr Shahbaz hello, My name is Baria and my sister and I would like to thank you for all your help and kindness and the immense effort in providing beneficial session as such with a very high standard. We enjoyed both days so much as well as benefited greatly. We are very fortunate to have started the first steps with a wonderful and professional mentors like Mr Dave and yourself. Kind Regards Baria

Tarja Says:
Dear Dr. Shahbaz A Cheema, Attended today to a live blood session at the Clinic with Jasmina. She is a splended teacher thank you. Hope she saw some potential in me as well. Kindly let me have feedback and hopefylly a competence certificate as well. Thank you once more for this very much appreciated opportunity. Kind regards, Tarja

Lisa Johnston Says:
Hi Dr Cheema I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for allowing to attend your Phlebotomy course. I found the theory side to be very informative and I learnt a great deal. My practical part was most enjoyable and my instructor was great. I found that I bonded with the patients well and conducted myself in a professional manor, seizing every opportunity to improve and learn about everything about phlebotomy. Again, thank you so very much. I do now feel a lot more confident that I will get a job doing phlebotomy. Knowing that you'll give a reference is also a huge help. Plus, I think that coming back to do a refresher course free of charge is another amazing offer. You wouldn't get that anywhere else that's for sure. It's really generous of you. You can be sure that I will be spreading the word and informing all of my army colleges. I'll even make a poster with all the details on of your course. Many thanks and kindest regards Lisa Johnston

Dorothy Kambudyu Says:
Dr Cheema , First of all I apologies that I was not able to send you the feed back of my training at the clinic. I have been very fotunate that my trainer was Yasmina. It was very fantastic. She is is professionally excellent. She works with you, making you feel comfortable and yet still assures the her patients . she is very detailed in her work. i learnt alot . Thank you very much for the experience. Dorothy Kambudyu

Theresa Joseph Says:
Dear Dr.Cheema, Thank you very much for sending the news letter.It was interesting and I'm sure this will help me to improve my knowledge. I feel very competent in taking blood. Many Thanks Theresa

Sly li Says:
Hi, I believe that you have received some feedback about my training. It was a difficult day with very aged people but I've learnt some good lesson.Thank you Dr Cheema. S Li

Olivia Celestin Says:
Good evening Dr Shahbaz, I take a minute to thank you for placing me under the care of Yasmin this morning. She was thought me well and was patient and very encouraging with me. She also gave me extra tips for the future and i am very grateful for her advise and the care she showed. I hope with time and practice i will be skilled like her and able to train others. Thank you once more. Olivia Sent from my iPhone
Lumni Krasniqi Says:
Dear Dr Shahbaz A Cheema, I want to thank you for allowing me having the training live blood session in the Clinic with Phlebotomist Jasmin. I had an amazing experience through all session which gave me the confidence and the capability to obtain the blood specimen without errors or difficulties. Mrs Jasmin was very capable, confident and competent and excellent trainer by combining the theory with practice. She did not tolerate any mistakes to happen during the course of the training and she delivered the knowledge in a simple yet efficient manner. She was very good supervisor and I felt I gained a substantial amount of knowledge about her amazing experience. She was very concern for the patient's well being and safety and this was her up most priority which encouraged me to follow her lead. I wish to thank you for allowing me to do this training which will helped me to open many doors with many opportunities. I wish that all students have this opportunity of being trained by Phlebotomist Jasmin. Kind Regards Lumni Krasniqi

Zahra Omar writes:
Thank you very much Dr Shahbaz I really learned a lot of your lessons and these are very useful, and I really appreciate. I have learnt wonderful lessons and it is absolutely magnificent. They are very engaging, informative and entertaining. I just wanted to say thank you very much.Thanks again. Zahra

Sahra Ali Says:
I am really enjoying the lessons and it is absolutely fantastic. Thank you very much for the best lesson you sent me.Face with tears of Joy. Sahra Ali

Patryk Says:
Dear Dr Cheema, Thank you for your fast response, Thank you for the first lesson! I can wait to start it, I will definitely recommend the training to all my friends! I have done the course last week of January and today I had the chance to see the patients and take the blood;) I was really excited. Our Practice nurse said that I was really good and the patients were telling me that there was no pain at all and I truly believe that is because of Out lecturer Mr Javed and Dr Mark ! The atmosphere was great!!! P.s please say thank your to a great teacher Jade. ! Sorry for a long replay! Thank you Patryk Phlebotomist Wysłane z iPhone'a

Vicky Goodman Says:
Dear Dr Shahbaz A Cheema, Good morning , I actually enjoy getting daily lessons .This is giving me so much knowledge about phlebotomy and I can not wait to do the actual course. I worked in Saint Thomas Hospital as Healthcare Assistant. Vicky

Noemi faicolSays:
I actually enjoy getting daily lessons. I am pleased to have 15% discount from the fee. I am looking forward to book th ecourse soon. Noemi Faicol 17th September 2015
Dr. Khurram Rasool Says:
Respected Dr Shahbaz A Cheema, I am very pleased to inform you that I have attended both of the live sessions of blood sampling. So, I have completed the requirements to issue me a Certificate of Competence. Live sessions went very well and I really appreciate your standard of teaching and efforts of all the staff members. I Enjoyed the whole day like an unforgettable adventure. My respected teacher Mrs. Yasmina Yahiaoui was a very kind and qualified phlebotomist. She was an expert in her work and tried to give me all the skills required. She was a polite guide and an encouraging supporter. Besides techniques of sampling blood, she inspired me how to be a gentle and a caring phlebotomist. she taught me theoretical knowledge as well as pointed out my mistakes that needed correction. She gave me quite impressing tips that helped me a lot in sorting out my deficits. I am deep heartedly thankful to you for providing us a platform of training and opportunity to learn from well qualified trainers. I hope that my teacher must have sent my results to you. I was just wondering that when am I getting my Certificate. Best Regards Dr. Khurram Rasool

File Muharremi Says:
Dear Dr Shahbaz A Cheema, I am writing to thank you for sending me to train with Yasmin. I had an under-full day with her. Yasmin is a very good teacher. She made me feel welcome and as a result I was not stressed to perform live blood drawing. She was there for me and client, every step to make us comfortable with each other. She was reminding me every thing from the first part of our training in time with the live blood drawing. So thank you again and I hope I have the same under-full day in Oxford at John Radcliffe Hospital. With Respect File Muharremi

Janet Cater Says:
Dear Dr Cheema, I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say 'thank you' for the weekend training and also for organising the live days this week. The trainer was so welcoming and helping also was very calm and helpful, never rushing me, just guiding me and giving me good, sound advice. I was nervous this morning on arrival and I can say that with all the help I had today I am now looking forward to my next live session on Thursday. I felt supported and corrected and informed in a professional and caring environment. Thank you again, I will be back at Kings College on Friday and will let Denise know that you have all been great and I will also let Titta know that when she attends in September she will also be very well looked after and the course is really good. Thanks again Janet Cater

Sarah Says:
Dear Sir or Madam, I had my first live session today and it was as an absolutely fantastic experience, in fact at the end of the session I didn't want to leave . Yasmin made me feel very confident and relaxed and i know feel 100% more prepared to but my skills into action . She explained everything really clearly incorporating both the theory and practical aspects of blood taking allowing me to really consolidate my learning . Yasmin is so friendly and supportive it takes the pressure of and make the whole process much easier . Yasmin was also very good at pointing out and explaining where i went wrong so that i can work to improve my techniques and discussing my faults with me so i felt i had an understanding rather than just being criticized. So thank you for a wonderful learning experience . Yours sincerely , Sarah Forrester First year medic

Eunice Eunny Says:
Hello doctor Cheema my name is Eunice and I believe that I can now call myself a qualified Phlebotomist. The aim of this email is to give a feedback of my experience more so on the Live blood sessions. I would start by saying that I am very happy with the experience and I have northing short of praises for my wonderful and ever so supportive trainer Yasmina. Honestly speaking at the end of day one I was very doubtful that I would be competent within three days but Yasmina has done a very good job with me. She went out of her way to give me nothing but the best of her knowledge and skills. As it was over two months since I completed my part 1 training she started by revisiting and reminding me the important aspects and quickly bringing me up to line and making my part 2 training much less stressful. I can honestly say that Yasmina is not only a good Phlebotomist but an excellent trainer and a good person as well. She has admirable people skills and I one day hope I will be as good as she is with her skills as I have learnt from the best. Yasmina has a very good relationship with her patients as they all panic and ask for her when they see a new face!!! understandable. However she takes very good control of the situation. She calmly speaks and explains makings the patients feel comfortable with the trainee making the learning environment much comfortable. I am very very proud of her and myself and I know I could not have done it so well so easily so quickly without her so all the credit goes to her. I can therefore proudly nominate Yasmina for the best trainer of the year/s and she deserves to be appreciated in the form of a reward or something of the kind. She is nothing short of an asset for Maxis Healthcare. Yasmina may God bless you always.

Roxanne Thorp Sayse:
Hi Dr Cheema, I would just like to take this time to provide some feedback on the live blood sessions. I could not have asked for a more friendly, polite and professional trainer. I have learnt so much that is unexplainable. The trainer was so friendly and she made me very comfortable.She backed up the procedure with theory and explanations which made it easier to see where mistakes were being made. Her hands on approach has given me the ability to understand and overcome obstacles that I could be faced with out in the field alone. She gave me little tips on how find the vein and how to stabilise during the needle which was an area I felt was weakness. This way of teaching really pushes the student to make as much progress as possible and get as much out of the experience to be successful in phlebotomy. I never once felt as though I couldn’t do it as she was there to support me through the challenges. Overall, I am very happy with the training provided and will be recommending this course to anyone that I know is interested in phlebotomy. I would just like to end saying a massive thank you to yourself and Jasmin for making this an excellent learning experience. Kind regards, Roxanne Thorpe

Gizelle Wilkinson Says:
Hello Dr Cheema, I completed the phlebotomy training course at Maxis Healthcare, I am pleased to inform you that I have been able to obtain a job as a phlebotomist with the Pertemps agency which was one of the employers that you recommended. I started last week and I am enjoying it very much. I would like to thank you again for the training received. Keep up the great work you are doing. Please remember to contact me whenever you start the cannulation training as I am interested in this as well. I have observed that it is also in great demand. Thanks again. Regards,Gizelle Wilkinson

Anisa Simota writes:
Dear Dr Cheema, I can tell that these E-lessons are really interesting, simple and understandable. They are like a nice summary revision. That makes them valuable and useful. I personally find a lot of unknown words but that makes it more challenging to me. Thank you very much. Your sincerely Anisa Simota North Middlesex University Hospitals NHS Trust

Olanrewaju Somefun Says:
Dear Dr. Cheema, I have just concluded my Life-Blood Training Sessions today and I cannot find words to express my excitement about what I achieved in this course. To say the least, the training and my phlebotomy experience in Nigeria, has made me a very confident and skillful phlebotomist. Amongst the things I acquired today are; Selection of the suitable vein and site for venipuncture,preparation of equipment, patient and performing the venipuncture including collection into the appropriate tubes. I was able to collect blood from the right patients by confirming their information with what was on the request form and followed the correct order of draw into the tubes. Thanks to my trainer Ms Jasmin, she is an adorable woman. A great teacher she is who did not assume anything in putting me through the necessary procedures. She was patient and firm in her corrections to make sure that I did the right thing. She greeted all her patients warmly, I would like to be like her. She is a great asset to Maxis Healthcare and to the phlebotomy profession. I am very grateful to her. She is the best teacher I have had contact with in a long time. She even gave me tutorials on areas I need to improve on. Thank you Jasmin. This training has made me very confident and I believe that I can perform a venipunture now with no supervision. Thank you Dr Cheema, the training has been a blessing and I believe that Maxis Healthcare is the place to start a career in phlebotomy. Regards. Ola Nigeria

Jessica Asare Says:
Dear Dr Cheema, I loved my live blood sessions with Yasmine! She is a brilliant teacher, attentive, knowledgable and caring. She fully explained theory of phlebotomy and demonstrated the practical side too. I have learnt so much in this session and am more confident in my practical skills. Thank you very much for this experience and new life skill. Kind regards, Jessica Giwa-Osagie 16 June 2015

Margaret Says:
Thanks for all your support Dr. cheema, I am getting used of the phlebotomy vocuburaries or language it is really widen up my knowledge please keep it up. Margaret

Elisabete Almeida Says:
Dear Dr. Cheema, I am just contacting you with feedback for Yasmine who accompanied me during my blood session assessment at Saluja Clinic on the 2nd of March. She was very friendly and welcoming yet professional and organised. During my session, she made feel very comfortable which enhanced my confidence throughout, allowing me to relax whilst carrying out the task at hand. Thank you very much for the opportunity and it was a pleasure to work with your team. Kind regards, Elisabete Almeida

Asma Says:
Dear Dr Cheema I am happy to provide my feedback for the training of Phlebotomy I attended. I have enjoyed both part of phlebotomy training including live blood session conducted by Yasmin. From part one I had obtained good Theory knowledge and Dry lab experience. Mostly I have enjoyed my part two practical training with my tutor Yasmin.I found teaching method of Yasmin very effective during practical session. I assume she would be best for theory part as well. I had spent three days for live blood session and learned a lots of important practical things regarding phlebotomy such as how to identify vein in different aged people, what is the insertion angle and direction for needle based on vein thickness and its position, how to maintain infection control during phlebotomy, order of draw, Patient Identification, Use of Vacutainer system, importance of patient consent for phlebotomy, proper steps for performing phlebotomy. I would recommend this course to any one who wants to be a Phlebotomist or improve the phlebotomy skills as part of their job role. Thanks Kind regards Asma

Manuela Says:
Hi Dr Cheema I just wanted to let you know that I attended the live blood session assessment on Friday 12th June 2015, it went very well. Unfortunately, Hina was not available so I worked with a lady called Jasmine. I was very impressed with the lovely trainer and I found her very professional, helpful and understanding. Kind regards Manuela

Kamar Afbur Says:
Dear Dr Cheema, I am very pleased to have my phlebotomy training with Maxis Healthcare, it was really great! on 14, 04, I had my first blood session with yasmin. She is superb and a brilliant trainer! I learnt so many things from her, really made me feel confident while taking blood. Thank you so much. Best wishes Kamar Afbur

Suzan Says:
Hi, Its suzan. I have attended the Tuesday live blood session and have completed the assessment. I was really happy and Jasmin was amazing and guided me through what to do, therefore she did an excellent job. Also Thursday was fantastic! both the teachers i had made me understand a lot that I didn't know about. Best wishes, Suzan

Luul Says:
Dear Dr Cheema. I Finished my second live session on Thursday with Yasmin it was absolutely fantastic and Yasmin she is superb trainer, I would like to give my special thanks to Dr Cheema,Yasmin,Balvinder and Sam.yours sincerely Luul Regards Luul

Sikirat Adetola writes:
Good afternoon Dr. Cheema, I finished my last blood session on Friday 14th February 2014 with Yasmin and would like to give you some feedback about my two days experience at the Clinic and with my trainer Yasmin. She is a very lovely and efficient lady. She has really taught me a lot of things which I didn’t know before and has given me some useful print outs to read and I am very grateful. She is patient, professional, knows her job and she’s very good at her job. She really taught me a lot of things I missed during my part one session. I am very proud and happy to have her as my trainer and would like to know if I can book for some more sessions with her, just to have some more experiences and also to build on my confidence. Thank you Stella Ofori

Anum Nayaz Says:
Hey Dr. Cheema Hope you have been good, I would like to thank you for giving myself the best trainer, it has been a great pleasure learning from Yasmine, she has taught me very well and remained calm during my mistakes. I would like to take this opportunity to give a very big thank you to yourself and all the Maxis Healthcare team for being very supportive with us. My special gratitude and appreciation goes to Yasmine as she helped myself with more paper work in regards to part 1 and provided myself with a real copy of blood test form, detailed copy of recognition of bottles and many more things that myself had learnt from her. Kind regards Anum Nayaz

To Dr Cheema, I would firstly like to thank you for giving me this opportunity to do this phlebotomy training. I have learnt so much from this course and I now am going to use all the knowledge I have gained to good use. The practical training at the Spa medical centre was very good. Yasmin is a great training, she made me feel comfortable and constantly provided me with all the help I needed throughout the two days that I was there. I am so much more confident now, I will be starting to apply for Jobs. Thank you Kind regards Priscilla Forbes

I would like to thanks especially Dr Hina who was very helpful,informati ve.I found the course interesting and useful. Thank you again Narvaez

Leyla Osman Says:
Dear Dr Cheema I would like to thank you for given me this opportunity. The course was enjoyable and excellent . I really enjoyed the live blood session with Yasmina. Definitely, Yasmin is an excellent trainer, I really enjoyed the technique she used that was basic, and it gives me more confidence. Thank you all. Kind Regards Leyla Osman

Hassu Says:
I had a great experience with Dr Hina. She was great to assist and she explained everything to me very thoroughly which will definitely assist me a lot in future and has boosted my confidence as well. Thank you Hassu

Alex Black Says:
Hi Dr Cheema, The lessons are easy to follow and I'm really enjoying them. Regards Alex Black

Emma keogan Says:
Dear Dr Cheema, I just wanted to let you know that I have had two brilliant afternoons with Yasmin! She is a fantastic teacher (as you all are!) and I am very happy with the practical training I was given! I managed to draw blood from 20 patients and one of them was a butterfly. I have had a brilliant time with Maxis Healthcare and I am very happy that I choose your programme. Many Thanks, Emma

Dear Dr Cheema, I contacted Maxis Health Care Centre over a year ago in view of undertaking your Phlebotomy Course but due to unforeseen circumstances with my elderly mother I was unable to attend, however I came back to you in February 2014 the Part 1 dry Lab and Theory which was very informative then went on to do the Part 2 Live blood secession with your wonderful Phlebotomy Trainer Yasmin, her technique was very effective and precise she gave me lots of assurance until I got it right and as a result of this amazing experience with Maxis Health Care Phlebotomy Course. I will be allowing my 18 year old daughter to do the course too . PS, To all who are thinking of becoming Phlebotomist and are looking for a good course Maxis Health Care is the right place to train and gain experience. Regards Tanya

Annaleise Says:
Hello Dr Cheema, Firstly I would like to say thank you for all that you have done regarding the Phlebotomy training. I feel confident taking blood from patients and the whole process. The trainer gave me the confidence to take the blood from the patients and was very helpful with this. She went through everything I wanted to know in good detail and i felt that she took her time to explain things and make sure she covered everything in good detail. Overall I would 100% recommend Maxis health care to people wanting to learn Phlebotomy and Yasmine as their trainer as she was amazing at her job! THUMBS UP! Thank you again Annaleise Solecki

Cinday Says:
Dear Dr Cheema, Just a small email to you to say a big Thank you to everyone who helped on the Phlebotomy course. I enjoyed the course very much and met some lovely people throughout the 2 days. Dr Hina who is a very beautiful down to earth lady and made me feel very at ease. I must admit, the taking of bloods i did enjoy! I am pleased to say that I passed and am eagerly awaiting on my certificate. Kind Regards Cindy

Roxanne Thorpe Says:
Hi Dr Cheema, I would just like to take this time to provide some feedback on the live blood sessions. I could not have asked for a more friendly, polite and professional trainer. I have learnt so much over the last two afternoons with Yasmina she really engages with the student enabling myself to feel comfortable in a situation which was initially quite daunting. She backed up the procedure with theory and explanations which made it easier to see where mistakes were being made. Her hands on approach has given me the ability to understand and overcome obstacles that I could be faced with out in the field alone. She gave me little tips on how find the vein and how to stabilise during the needle which was an area I felt was weakness. This way of teaching really pushes the student to make as much progress as possible and get as much out of the experience to be successful in phlebotomy. Yasmina, has a very calming effect and it enabled myself to relax and really focus on what I was doing. I never once felt as though I couldn’t do it as she was there to support me through the challenges. Overall, I am very happy with the training provided and will be recommending this course to anyone that I know is interested in phlebotomy. I would just like to end saying a massive thank you to yourself and Jasmin for making this an excellent learning experience. Kind regards, Roxanne Thorpe

Rebehka Says:
Hi Dr cheema, I have completed my two day training with the lovely yasmina she is a absolutely amazing trainer and a credit to maxis healthcare. She understands u put the trainee in control and completley trusts you as a trainee which makes u feel so comfortable. Thank you for puttIng me in her care I am blessed to have meet a fantastic person like her. Thanks Dr cheema for everything. Kind regards Rebecca dickson London w6 7re

Stavroula Tasouli Says:
I have received my certificate and I want to say thank you for everything. I also want to say that the 2 days of training with Yasmine where very constructive she really helped me to trust my self and she sowed me over and over again how to do everything , but one of the most important thinks was that she made all of her patients to trust me and that game me the opportunity to learn. thank you very much. Stavroula Tasouli

Baljit Banbheru Says:
Dear Dr Cheema, I’m writing to inform you my experiences during the training was very valuable and I learnt a lot. Yasmina the trainer was keen to make sure I learnt the process step by step. She advised me how to hold the needle and if I wasn’t holding it right, she made sure I was completely aware of it. She went through excessive bleeding, damage nerve and haematosis. She printed off material so I could remember and beware of the things when giving blood tests. I gave 10 people a blood test in 1 ½ hour and felt like I was able to do the blood test without supervision. Regards, Baljit Banbheru

Good Morning Dr Cheema, I hope you are well! It was a great honour to have spent an enjoyable day with Yasmina!! It was such a privilege to have gained valuable insights and know how from Yasmina's great experience as a Phlebotomist. Clearly, she is a professional!! It has to be said that, drawing blood from a person is not as simple as it seems!! Yasmina taught me how to identify certains situations in order to get the best blood draw results. I had the privilege to have drawn blood from 15 people and from Yasmina's guidance some of the errors that I had made were clearly explained to rectify for future time. Once again, I had enjoyed a wonderful exprience accompaning Yasmina in her day to day routine and through her encouragement has given me the impetus to continue in my quest to become a full-time Phlebotomist. Best regards, David Duckworth

Jeanette Adie Says:
Dear Dr Cheema, I would just like to thank you for the Knowledge & Training I have been able to achieve from the dry lab training, live blood training & the Elearning. I have and am still enjoying the learning process. I had a good training day on Wednesday and learnt more techniques. I am really enjoying the Elearning and have also been reading and learning the anatomy of veins. I really want to do well in this and learn as much as I possibly can. Regards Jeanette Adie

Tony Says:
Hi there, It was a great 2 days of live blood sessions and my teacher was brilliant . I thought I should let you know how much excited I am? Sincerely yours, Tony

Nabila Bhatti Says:
Dear Dr Cheema, I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your Phlebotomy course, from the e learning sessions which I felt gave me a good understanding of the basics which really helped me on the theory dry lab sessions. Mr Javed your trainer made us feel very relaxed, which made it a very positive atmosphere to learn in. Finally you’re live blood session’s trainer Jazmin was the best, she made a very daunting experience very manageable, Jazmin has a knack of filling you with confidence, so thanks once again to all your staff for making it fun to learn. Yours sincerely, Nabila Slough

Sarah form Iran Says:
Dear Dr Shahbaz, I'm a dentist and I wish to continue my education as a maxillofacial surgeon. My sister has done the training with Maxis healthcare and she told me how fantastic your training sessions are. I am looking forward to attend the training. Your online course was amazing and really useful. Wish You all the best. Sara

Farooq Ghulam Says:
Dear Dr.Cheema, I had very fruitful day with Dr. Hina. She is not only a good assessor, but also a good teacher and communicator. She provided me with enough opportunities to do life phlebotomy and help me to better communicate with the clients, how to address especial situations and how to handle the blood sample and make ready for transportation. She also share with me safety of injection procedures and use of different tubes according to the type of tests. It was quite useful day and I would like to thank Dr. Hina and highly appreciate her all the efforts for making today's excise a success. Kind Regards Farooq

Aimee Jaan Says:
Hi Dr Cheema, Thank you, I find the e lessons very informative and look forward to the next lesson as they are short and easy to remember too with enough information that helps kp it all in the brain . looking forward to the next e lesson tomorrow Regards Aimee Jaan

Ben Griffith Says:
Dear Dr Cheema, I completed the live sessions today with success. Can you pass on my thanks to Dr Hina who was a fantastic tutor and assessor. Regards, Ben

Bella writes:
Hello there, My name is Bella , I have recently completed my second part of phlebotomy training with Jusmina . I found it incredibly useful . Jasmine not only teaches the practical skills but goes through all the science behind the procedure explaining it in detail . I had a great practical experience . Bella

Maria Says:
Dear Dr cheema Just to let you you know that I have completed the live blood sessions today. It was very good and I was very happy with Hiral Shah. She was brilliant Secondly, I have completed the e lessons. I really enjoyed being with Maxis Healthcare. Thank you very much Regards Maria

Rory Bates Says:
Dear Dr. Cheema, Firstly, I would like to thank you for the professional and brilliant experience while attending the phlebotomy course. And secondly, I got on brilliant with Hiral doing the live bloods on both days, she was very helpful and kind to me therefore I forward my thanks to her again. I will highly recommend to everyone in the healthcare field. Kindest regards, Rory Bates From Ireland

Tabitha Hanson Writes:
HI Dr Cheema It was my pleasure to meet you and your training staffs specially Jasmin who helped me alot to improve my skills in the live blood session. Jasmin's body language towards me killed my fear.Her smile and her French welcome language engage some confident in me. she was very kind ,supportive always encouraging,and explained every step in the techniques of collecting a blood specimen. The least change she gets', she explains into detail in writing. Jasmin gave me printed documentations in Phlebotomy, went through with me then gave me the opportunity to question her. She also advised me,thought me what to say and not to say during job interviews. Very Professional so now I think I can go to the field as a professional. Not forgetting the lovely teachers from oxford University they also gave every teachings into details to my understanding. Thanks to you all. Tabitha.

Amanuel Tekeste Says:
Dear Dr Cheema, I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to complete the phlebotomy certificate. Before coming for my first training, I heard about maxis healthcare and the excellent training that the institution affords its trainee. During my training not only were my expectations met, but also there were far exceeded. Thanks again for all the e-lessons that you have been sending to me the last 25 days. I would like to thank you for all the support you have given during the live blood sessions. It was a good experience working with Jasmine who helped me a lot to build my confidence and to improve my skills in phlebotomy by teaching me easy techniques and by providing me a handout which explained everything about phlebotomy. Over all, I really appreciate jasmine, she is very professional, friendly, calm, supportive and explaining each and every technique in detailed. I would definitely recommend the maxis healthcare for anyone who is interested to do phlebotomy training courses. Thanks again. Kind regards, Amanuel Tekeste

Lovedeep Says:
Hi Dr. Cheema, I would like to thank you for your help. My training was very nice and trainers were very good I understand every aspect Jasmine was very helpful. Once again thank you very much for all your help and guidance. Lovedeep Dhillon.

From: Dear Dr Shahbaz A Cheema, Thank you very much for your e-Lessons, they are really helpful. I look forward to read the next one. Kind Regards Morgane Bechet

Eleanor Holland Says:
Dr Cheema, I thoroughly had a great session with Yasmina. Yasmina is very professional at her job and her method of training is exceptional. My first day was not so great as I was nervous but Yasmina assured me that its natural and having her by my side supervising and showing me the right way did make a huge difference. She discussed with me where I needed to focus on as she did see the potential in me of becoming a good phlebotomist. Today being my last day was the most exciting experience. Yasmina saw a different student today as I took on board all her advice which paid off. I am so glad that I did my training in Bermondsey with the best trainer, friend and a lovely lady. No wonder you speak highly of her.Without a doubt I will go back to Yasmina for more sessions. Kind Regards Eleanor Holland

Jasming Gill Says:
Dr Cheema you are such a good teacher, online courses are very informative and you explain everything so well. You chnaged my life teaching a skill which I wanted to adopt since I was a child. May God Bless you. Jasmin Gill

Mabel Asare Says:
Good afternoon Dr Cheema, I'm at the clinic with the an amasing trainer and just to let you know that she's really an excellent, very patient and a great teacher, all the clients respond to her well and everything's going great. Thank you and have a wonderful afternoon Mabel Asare

Liberator Douglas Says:
Dear Dr, I just finished my live blood sessions, Dr Hina was my assessor, When I walked in to the Phlebotomy clinic I was thinking of booking another practical session because I did not have the confidence and thought one day was not enough. My assessor gave me that confidence. She moved with me from ground level to the highest level. Something I thought I would never reach. If I get the job today I will take it withouht hesitation at all. Dr Hina has no idea how much she has changed my life. I am ready to work. Thank you very much Maxis Health Care for having such good teachers, The Doctor that gave us theory and practcal lessons in the dry lab. on the 11 and 12 January was excellent. Thank you once more. Liberator Douglas

Alexandros Gketis Says:
Dear Dr Shahbaz A Cheema Good evening, My name is Gketis Alexandros,I am one of your student of Maxis Healthcare, I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to attended the live blood session today I hopefully will be able to implement it further into this field. It was really good time to be part of this training program and I really enjoyed my practical class for today. I had a very good experienced until now and I know the phlebotomy course is so useful and helpful for my career. It was great learning under Mrs. Jasmin I was especially impressed with my trainer Mrs. Jasmin today, she was very knowledgeable and she was sharing her knowledge to me and she was very kind and willing to teach me the best techniques for the phlebotomy. I would also like to thanks my trainer Mrs. Jasmin for her hospitality, kindness, and sharing her knowledge to me, during my visit I learned so many things today from my trainer, such as : to introduce always myself to the patient, to confirm patient identity, to have always a proper infection control, to choose the appropriate vein and site, how to applied the tourniquet and when we loosen the tourniquet, insure the proper needle Depth, Angle and Direction, about anticoagulants, blood culture, Haematoma, I had 11 patient for today, of course with observation of my trainer, everything was fine, I am always willing to learn, I always smile and talked to the patient so I try to make the patient comfortable, I am blessed today because we didn’t have any bruises today and my trainer she was very proud for me, I believe I am more confident now and step by step I believe I will reach my goal, the amazing today was one of the patient today she said that she thought I was having experienced in phlebotomy for years. I want to thank you very much for such a helpful course to Maxis Healthcare, Dr Shahbaz A Cheema and Mrs. Jasmin, Kind regards, Alexandros Gketis

Jacqueline Smith Says:
Dear Dr Cheema, I will like to thank you very much for the opportunity to complete my phlebotomy training with the Maxis Healthcare. I really enjoyed my training particularly when I did my live sessions.I was impressed by Jasmine my trainer. She is a very amazing person,she was pleasant, supportive, helpful, and very patient. She made every effort to ensure that I developed the skills to with draw blood safely and efficiently by covering part1 and 2. She explained every step of the procedure, I was happy to be her student as I felt I had gained a wealth of experience and more confident to perform in my role as a phlebotomist. She was pleased to have me as her student as I was a willing learner. There were no complains from the clients or the surgery. I considered Jasmine as an excellent trainer. I will like to thank the Maxis Healthcare Team for achieving my goal as a phlebotomist. I will not hesitate to recommend anyone to organisation. Kind Regards Jacqueline Smith.

Gloria Says:
Dear Dr Cheema, Thank you very much for the lessons. In fact l am more than grateful. The way and manner in which the lessons were analysed are so easy for even the most ignorant person can understand. Thanks so much indeed, and more grease to your elbow. Gloria T.

Patience Durand Says:
Hey Dr Cheema, Feedback with my session at the clinic , I had an excellent time and I learnt the techniques that were taught me were very helpful and very easy to understand. I was able to bleed to 20-25 patients which they all gave me good feedback. Jasmine was very supportive. Thank you once again Dr Cheema for an amazing training. Thanks. Patience Durand

Selma Modd Says:
Dearv Dr Cheema, Thank you for giving me this opportunity and encouragement to complete my training as Phlebotomist. When I met with Jasmine she was very welcoming. She help me through the session and pin point when I have done mistake to make it better at the next patient, she was very friendly and helpful. Jasmine was very competent in what she was doing and how she help her students.She made me feel more calm and I found second session was more relaxing and I knew what she expect from me and vice versa. She is a very good assessor. I am looking forward to further my career in Phlebotomy and looking forward to a rewarding job. Kind Regards Selma Modd

Carol Dowsett Says:
Dear Dr Cheema, Just a quick email to say I had a fabulous time at the clinic with Dr Hina. She was such a calming influence on me and very encouraging when required. The extra day we planned worked out well for me and I got to practice more procedures and techniques than I thought I would. I can now start searching for vacancies or voluntary work in the Plymouth area and I'm looking forward to my new future. Best regards, Carol Dowsett

Martine Jarman Says:
Dear Dr Shahbaz, I would like to thank you and your team at Maxis Healthcare in supplying me with a fantastic course. I attended my live blood sessions on Friday with Dr Hina and felt that I should acknowledge and pass on my feedback about Dr Hina. Dr Hina. She made me feel very relaxed from the onset and gave me some invaluable advice on improving my technique. At the beginning of the day I felt extremely nervous but after seeing a few patients I couldn't believe how my confidence grew and I started to enjoy my achievements of a successful procedure. Its very often in life that people wish to complain, therefore I feel I should take this upon myself to praise Dr Hina and would appreciate if you could pass my comments on to her. Kindest regards Martine Jarman

Morgane Bechet Says:
Dear Dr Cheema, I wanted to write you a feedback regarding the 2 days practical session that I performed with trainer Jasmin. Jasmin is a wonderful trainer. I really enjoyed working with her. She is very competent and is clear in all information about performing well the venepuncture. I had a lot of experience doing blood tests in my career as a nurse in UK, France and New zealand but I am always willing to improve my skills and technique and Jasmin helped me to do so. I would definitely recommend Maxis Healthcare to who ever wish to become phlebotomist. Many thanks for the wonderful time i spend with all your professional staff including you. Kind Regards. Morgane Bechet

Annie Selemani Says:
Dear Doctor Cheema, I am writting to tell you that i am very happy and pleased about the support i got from my trainer. She is a very friendly person with a strong understanding and an excellent patient demeanor, who treated me as her colleague and at the same time as a friend. She did not only assist me with live blood sessions, but she went back into theory notes about the all phlebotomy techniques and practices, the do(s) and don't(s). She encouraged me to have self believe and trust in what i can achieve with motivation and will. I am very confident to say that i feel ready to undertake employment in the phlebotomy field at anytime. Yours sincerely, Annie Selemani

Jody Oliver Says:
Dear Dr Cheema My experience at the clinic was much more than I have expected, on the first day I started of very nervous but quickly took control. On my second day I was much more confident and was able to work with out any hesitation. I felt very comfortable with my chosen trainer Miss Patel. This was an amazing experience and I have left with some great words of wisdom...Thank you for this great opportunity. Jody Oliver

Dallet Says:
Hi Dr Sheema My name is Dallet Reid, have done my part two phlebotomy training yesterday and today and I can assure you that I was very happy with the training that was given, Yasmin is a highly professional individual, she has done good quality training am really impressed with the standard of training that have received. Her level of service has given me more compitesnce that what I think I did have, she has also given me paper work to take home and read, patients was good to me I have know problem at all with them, there is a lot more that I could say but will take me the whole day. One of what I would say about Yasmin is that she is a very nice person and one of my motivater. Thanks very much, Dallet.

Basma Ahmed Says:
Doctor Cheema, Today I had my last part of the training and as soon as I entered the clinic trainer took me into the phelbtomost room. She got straight into business and explained to me what was expected. I was very nervous but she assured me and took the time to make me feel comfortable. I was very worried at first, because I was so nervous I couldn't remember anything. But she was very easy to work with and within minutes she boosted my confidence so much that everything came back. She even quickly wrote down some notes for me and explained a few other things to assure I understood completely. As soon as she finished explaining she said that she would observe me and that she has full confidence. So that made me feel much more at ease and I was able to carry out drawing blood. I am very happy with today's session and I am glad I had such a nice, gentle and professional trainer. Kind regards Basma Ahmed

Abdi Waris Says:
Dear Dr Cheema, I just did my live blood session with week and I want to give my feedback,I was really happy as trainer was much patience with me,and I learnt everything I needed to learn and I just want to say thank you for yourv help. Your sincerely oforkansi- pius

Joanne Kell Says:
Dear maxis I just completed my two sessions with Dr Hina and I wanted to convey to you how enjoyable it was to work with her. I thoroughly enjoyed the two sessions with her. She was easy to get along with, approachable and professional. I just felt it important to feed back how much I'd enjoyed working with her. Many thanks Joanne Kell

Rebecca Fitch Says:
Dear Dr Shabaz A Cheema, Ive had my session on the 6th of May2014 and I have to say it was once again fantastic. Jasmin is very patient and makes you feel comfortable and she is a world of knowledge with phlebotomy. And once again I have ive left satisfied and of course having learnt a lot. Shes a star on advice, teaching techniques and helping you to be confident. Regards Miss Rebecca Fitch

Linda Capiozzo Says:
Dr. Shahbaz A Cheema and all, I would like to thank Maxis Healthcare for the professionalism and the high quality of the training provided - in a warm environment, too. Kind regards, Linda Capiozzo The Italian Nurse

Rachel Says:
From: Good Afternoon Dr, I just wanted to send you an email to thank you for the wonderful training on the 7th & 8th, it was a very positive and informative experience. Kay was a brilliant tutor and really set my nerves at ease, my hands shake a little when I get nervous & Kaye knew exactly how to handle it & put me at ease, she was simply lovely! I would like to send her a thank you card, where could I send it to? :-) Kindest regards Rachel Sent from my iPhone

Abdi Waris Says:
Dear Doctor Shahbaz Cheema I would firstly like to thank you for all your help that you and your assistants at maxis healthcare have given me. I've had a excellent experience this morning with Yasmina. Words can't explain how happy I am to have been able to take love blood from patients. Yasmin was very very resourceful, helpful and patient and I really feel like I could have worked with her all day long. Hand on my heart I can say Yasmin is a very good teacher and she is excellent at what she does, I really cannot complain and thank you guys for enabling me to do this. Thank you very much doctor JazakAllahu Khayran Abdi Waris

Aileen Macapaz Says:
Hello Dr. Cheema, Hope everything in your family is in good health. Hope all is well. I have already done my competency with Maam Hassu. By the way, Maam Hassu was so supportive, very patience and kind. She also impart some of her knowledge and experiences to me which was very helpful for me as beginner of this field. She is a good teacher, boost my confident. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge to us. I'll try to keep on popping in during the lecture just to keep re freshen me. Truly yours, Aileen Macapaz Sent from my iPhone

Sudha Tiwari Says:
To Dr Shanbaz A Cheema I had really good experience yesterday and all so today. jasmen is so good teacher passion was really good she is the best Sudha Tiwar

Jenifer Halaman Says:
Hello Dr. Cheema, Thank you so much for the information. I also would like to let you know that I have enjoyed the 2-day course of the phlebotomy. I have met amazing people including yourself, and the way the training has been delivered was absolutely brilliant. I know that I will not get this if I have gone for another training centre. It has been a real pleasure to be trained by your staff. I am looking forward to the second part of the training and I'm sure it's going to be exciting! Many thanks and have a good day! Jenifer Halaman

Sonia Vilela Says:
Dear Dr Shahbaz Thank you very much for your help for me to become a competent Phlebotomist.This is to confirm that I was very nervous on the day when I went to get the blood from the patients but the trainer was so good and polite and I felt welcome. Her confidence allowed me to trust myself and feel less anxious. She guided me through the practical procedures as we also went through the theoretical part of the training. she was praising me all the way and I appreciate her patience and teaching aptitudes. Yours sincerely Sonia Vilela

Miyuki from Japan Says:
Dear Dr Shahabaz A Cheema, Hello. I'm Miyuki from Japan. I hope you still remember me! How have you been? I hope you've been well. I guess you are having busy days for another new students! I would like to say thank you for giving me such a great experience on the course. Especially Part2 Live blood sessions! That was really worth it! Neelam was a wonderful, skilful lady and her personality was so kind, really attentive! I am so happy with everything on the live blood session.

Shazia Says:
Dear Dr Cheema, I just wanted to let you know how my first live blood session with Jasmine went today, it couldn't have been better. Jasmine is such a wonderful trainer full of knowledge & expertise, she was able to demonstrate & communicate all the core skills effectively with precision & ease, any questions I had she answered. She is very personable helping me to feel calm & relaxed from the start, supporting me throughout so I could try and perform to the best of my ability. Best Regards, Shazia

Weza Sardinha Says:
Dear Dr Shahbaz A Cheema, I am writing to you to thank you for the opportunity to do this course, specially the live blood sessions. I really enjoyed very much.I learnt a lot and feel more confident doing the job. Regards Weza Sardinha

Maria Says:
Good day Dr. Cheema, Thanks very much for the E Lessons that you've sent me, so far i'm familiar with all the letters that i've received and i find them interesting and in depth. Keep up the good job. Regards, Samantha Humble

Maria Says:
Dear Dr S.A Cheema. I enjoyed my lesson today. I was very nervous and anxious to begin today session. Thanks to Yasmina she managed to get me to relax and she was a fantastic person in teaching me and being very patient with me throughout. Maria

Orla O'Brien Says:
Dear Dr Cheema, I just wanted to write to you following my recent Live Blood session, sorry for the delay in my feedback. My trainer/assessor for this day was Rani, she is a wonderful tutor & mentor, I learned a great deal from her teaching & supervision, she really is a great asset to yourself & Maxis. I felt comfortable carrying out my phlebotomy duties under her helpful guidance, she is very patient & makes her students feel relaxed & confident by supporting them & calmly giving any instruction needed. Please pass on my sincere thanks again to Rani for the session with her. Thanks & regards, Orla O'Brien

Lourdes Caballero Says:
Dear Shahbaz, I really enjoyed this experience with you. I found it very easy to understand the phlebotomy role in London. About the live session blood, I went a bit nervous but Jazmin was amazing. She taught me how take blood and she was explaining every step with each patience. Jazmin is really lovely! Thank you Kind regards, Lourdes Caballero

Love Ojumu Says:
Hello Dr Cheema, I wish to register my gratitude for the Phlebotomy E Course, which was sent to me free. May I say that it is a rich source of knowledge for me and it has met my appetite for the proper classroom based training. Shortly I shall register for the proper training. I also want to thank you for the E Certificate sent to me and the 15% discount that is attached to it. Regards, Love Ojumu

Philippa McDonald Says:
Dear Dr Cheema and team, I have just completed my training and I would like to say a very big thank you to you all. It was a very well organised, highly effective, excellent course. Jasmine was a fantastic teacher, she has a lot of patience, knowledge, skill and above all is a kind and lovely lady. Thank you very much, kind regards, Philippa

Pauline Chaplin, wrote:
Hello Doctor. I am delighted that I was informed by my trainer/assessor that I was competent because in one day alone I blead 35 patients on my own. I would like to take this opportunity in thanking you for your support and to your super expert team at Maxis Healthcare. Kind regards Pauline Chaplin

Grainne Kelly:
Hi Dr Cheema, Thank you for organising my live blood sessions practical part of the Phlebotomy Training, Pavitdeep was a really lovely lady, very explanative and a lovely manner, she said she was happy with my skills. I am onecagain thankful to you to help me to complete the Phlebotomy Training. Kindest regards, Grainne

Hobiha Says:
Dr Cheema, I finished my practicals i.e. live blood sessons and I can give you the feedback that I had a very goo experience. The trainer taught me valuable techniques and methods so that I can improve my skills and knowledge. Although I have been taking the blood samples from many years but I never knew what I was doing was not correct way. The trainer was so patience even though patients also feel that.She made me feel very confident and relaxed to do this job.Last but not least one of the patient told me that i am good at to do bleed and i am following my teacher as well. I am so proud of it. Many thanks Hobiha Phelobotomist. Francesca Asamoah

Francesca Wrote:
Dear Dr Cheema, Thanks for allowing me to train with you . The live blood session was a success,Yasmina the trainer was excellent, her teaching style and communication skills with both the patients and the student was brilliant. Her knowledge about anatomy and physiology enable me to understand the whole process of what to do and what not to do when taking bloods. It was very clear and with a few practice I was confident with the skill and she was happy with my technique. I think she has alot of skills and knowledge and it was a great pleasure working with her. Kkind regards Francesca Asamoah

Janette Dodds Says:
Hi Dr Cheema I would just like to thank you for the wonderful placement you sent me at the hospital. I cant tell you how much I enjoyed spending the day with Dr Hina, she explained everything very well to me she was lovely person. I have recommended my friend to do this course and I believe she has already been in touch with your yesterday her name is Heather. I understand from Dr Hina that I have passed my assessment. Once again I would like to thank you and your colleagues. Warmest regards. Regards Janette Dodds

Esther Says about E Lessons:
Dear Dr Shahbaz, Maxis healthcare Thank you very much for the lessons on phlebotomy. It been a pleasure to learn from you. It was very educational and exciting. I have very good knowledge on the subject thanks to you. I am looking forward to coming and experience the real practicals on the subject in the near future. You are a wonderful tutor. Regards, Esther 01 March 2015 16:28:10

Neelam Emanuel Says:
Hi Dr Cheema, I just want to give you some feedback about your amazing trainer Jasmine, she truly is an amazing woman, the way she taught me how to take bloods from patients, how to stay calm under pressure. I was so nervous in the morning but the way she greeted me and helped me to relax was an incredible experience. She really is a good at what she does and an amazing trainer as I am telling family and friends about Maxis Healthcare and they may want to join the course and will ask for Jasmine. Regards Neelam Emanuel

Rajani Nithindas Says:
Hai Dr.Cheema, I am Rajani Nithindas.I have got my certificate last week and I already send back the acknowledgement reciept. I hope you got that. I am using this oppertunity to say a big thanks to you for completing my course and obtaining my certificate. I had a wonderful training session with Maxis Healthcare.I really enjoyed and learn more about the practical techniques which we have to follow as a phlebotomist. Once again i say thanks to you for giving me all the support and help to complete the course. Thank you Rajani Nithindas

Floarea Stanca's feedback:
Hello Dr Cheema, My name is Floarea Stanca and I would like to give a feedback to my Part 1 Theory and Part 2 live blood sessions with the patients. So far I have the best experience ever in medical field also I have enjoyed both parts of the course. It was very informative and the staff very helpful.I have learned more about the phlebotomy technique, handling and communication with patients. I am also very thankful meeting Yasmina. From my point of view, she is a very professional phlebotomist , given the necessary advice regarding health and safety, DAD, arteries and veins. I am glad that I did this short course an d I feel confident to apply for a phlebotomy job. I have already recommended this course to three of my friends and suggested that the part 2 of the course to choose Yasmina as a trainer. Many thanks and may God Bless you. 28th February 2015

From, Mazna Adil:
Dear Dr Cheema, I am learning your E lessons. The lectures you providing us are very great. They really help me alot. Some times you can't understand the small things like torniqueet removal, position of your needle , if your patient can't stop bleeding what procedure you will apply. I just want to say that I have some small queries but with your e lessons now it is getting resolved. Thanks for your wonderful E lessons. I really appreciate. Keep sending my remaining lectures. Best of luck. Regards, Mazna

From, Rosie Baynes:
Hello I hope you both got my texts.I had a great day and learnt so much. What a great teacher I had for my practical session, kind considerate, informative, helpful and a delight to be working with. I hope that one day I turn out to be as good as phlebotomist as she is . Id love to do any of the extra courses you mentioned in our course at the weekend Dr Cheema –just let me know when and where and I will be there. Thanks once again for a great course, excellent tuition and the chance to practise with a star phlebotomist! Rosie

From, Charlie-Ray O'Connor:
Hello there, My name is Charlie O'Connor, I have just completed the live training which went extremely well. Here is my feedback regarding the whole course; The theory session was taught by well trained and competent trainers who had a wealth of NHS experience which they where willing to share and explain how this applied to daily practice they showed us tricks of the trade and how to present ourselves professionally as shown by experienced nhs staff who responded to our individual needs The live session with Jasmin; Jasmin has to be the most patient trainer going she shows you how to do the procedure then allows you to practice if you make a mistake she calmly shows you afterwards and provides you with ways to improve jasmin provides you with handy tips and tricks from a busy Phlebotomy Clinic and most importantly allows you to develop at your own speed jasmin can simply be described as calm patient well skilled and amazing dedicated member of staff Regards Charlie O'connor

Darshana Shah wrote after Live bLood sessions:
Dear Dr Cheema. I finished my two days live blood session today. It was an excellent experience and I learnt alot and also enjoyed a lot. I am so lucky that I chosen Maxis Healthcare as my trainer. I was very confused because there are so many companies and individuals who made me confused. Thanks for your guidance n support. Darshana. 12 February 2015 16:51:51

Chioma Okeke says:
Good evening Dr Cheema, I am so glad & can't thank yoy enough for arranging live blood session. Jasmin- the phlebotomist that supervised me today is amazing. She is well informed & experienced; I enjoyed every second of the session & gained a lot more from her. I collected samples using the S- monovette tube system; I am very happy & will ever recommend Maxis health care to my colleagues that are interested in phlebotomy training. Thank you so much. Best regards, Chioma Okeke. 11 February 2015 18:02:48

Dorota Witkowska:
Dear Dr Shahbaz A Cheema Today I have finished the Practicall Part of the Phlebotomy Training i.e.The Live Blood Session in Phlebotomy with Jasmine.I would like to say that Jasmin was very helpful and great teacher with a lot of experience. She explained me everything clear and she taught me what I need to know to be the best in phlebotomy stuff. Now, I am really confident to get a new job as a phlebotomist.Thank You very much for giving me the opportunity to develop my skills and helping me to create a new path in my career. Kindest Regards Dorota Witkowska

Comments from Lisa Ngwenya:
I thank you for giving me an insight about phlebotomy through your e course. I Will book for the actual classroom bases training just sorting out my dates. I learnt a lot it's enlightening. Thank you Lisa 30 January 2015 13:07:37

Sunita Sharma wrote and e mail:
Dear Dr Cheema ! How are you ? Hope all is well with you ! Thank you so much for introducing me such an important course of Phlebotomy . Which I thoroughly enjoyed and learnt a lot about this course in Ist part of dry lab and Theory class and live blood sessions with an excellent knowledgeable professionals. Maxis's staff were so compassionate and well oriented in their field . I felt very fortunate to have Yasmina as my Tutor for 2 days . I have learnt a lot from her , She is a" gem" in Maxis Health Care !! Once again thank you so much for all the support , we`ll stay in touch !! Best Regards ! Sunita Sharma

Pauline Chaplin says:
Hello Dr Cheema. Thank you very much for sending my Phlebotomy Competence Certificate. I am very pleased what I have achieved at this stage of my life. I was very confused before booking the training. There were many bogus and fake so called phlebotomy trainers however I am glad that I was righ to decide Maxis Healthcare as my phlebotomy trainer. Now I can look into gaining some experience locally. Thank you once again to you & your team for the experience and support throughout the whole course. Kind regards Pauline Chaplin

Akunna Ibe Says:
Hello Dr Cheema, This is Akunna Ibe . Just completed my live blood session with Dr Gulnaz and I am very happy with Maxis Healthcare and their services. Also, a big thank you to Dr Gulnaz, she helped and taught me a lot . She received me well and made me feel at home. She is such a positive, jovial and lovely woman. I am very honored to have worked with her. I am looking forward to making my applications for the job and I am now very confident. Thanks a lot Dr.cheema, for all your help. I appreciate a lot. Will recommend maxi healthcare any time any day. Thanks Akunna Ibe

Rachel written an e mail on 10th Jan 2015:
Good afternoon, I'm really enjoying the E Lessons! They make me feel calm and informed, they are simple and clear so it's easy to absorb the information provided :-) I am really very happy regards Rachel Zall

Sofia Said wrote on 8th Jan 2015:
I am thanking Dr Shahbaz A Cheema and his team thank you very much for all the support that i got from you guys and teaching me to be confident and to be a good phlebotomy i feel very confident an understanding the rules and how to be a good phlebotomy i will recommend to my friend and my other colleagues to attend this course in the future thank you very much again and i shall see you soon take care and god bless you all. Thank you Sofia Said,8th December 2015

Dawei Chen wrote on 8th December 2014:
Dear Dr. Cheema, Good afternoon! I have finished the live blood session for today. I would like to thank you for bringing me to lovely trainer. She is very knowledgeable and professional. She performs as a phlebotomist who obtains 20 year's professional experience. From her, I learned the essential skills of phlebotomy, such as the identification of the vein from a variety of patients and condition and venipuncture skills. She also introduced me the new S-Monovette system so I am able to master the two major vacutainer system in clinic. Importantly, from her, I learned how to communicate with patients to reduce their pressure and let them feel comfortable in the whole process. She is very kind and enthusiastic. By the end of the session, she gave me some documents regarding to the details of S-Monovette system and venipuncture instruction to let me get deep understanding of phlebotomy. Therefore, I am very lucky to be trained with Jasmine. Many thanks. Best wishes. Dawei Chen

Georgina says:
Hi Dr Cheema, Really enjoyed the live blood session today. Jasmina has a very nice way of teaching, very kind, and helped me build on confidence. The way she finds the veins just by feeling is a super skill. She isn't over powering, letting you make the incision, but makes you feels secure as she is right by your side the while way if needed. If I couldn't get blood, she could always rectify my error so the patient doesn't leave disappointed, and explains why it was difficult to get the blood, helps with trouble shooting. Overall really good day. Kind regards Georgina,8th December 2014

Terry Chesworth wrote:
Good Afternoon, Dr Cheema, Good Afternoon I wanted to thank you or the course over the weekend on 22nd & 23rd November 2014 . I found it ver informative and useful.Although I am qualified registered nurse however two days course gave me so much confidence and I learnt all the new technique and skills which I was not aware of before in my practice. Many thanks once again. Terry RGN

Farhiyo Ali Says:
Hello Dr Cheema my name is farhiyo Ali I just want to give positive feedback about my session with lovely trainer. I am very happy that you gave an opportunity to have the live blood sessions under the supervision of a very talented confident knowledgeable bright and professional individual. I feel much confident today that I can apply for job now I believe I can do the job.A big thank u to you dr cheema and to all teachers for helping me to do this course, regards, Farhiyo

Hello Dr Cheema:
I just wanted to give you some feedback on how my live session went. I had the pleasure to meet a wonderfull trainer although I was very nervous but she put me at ease with a smile. The trainer was clam loving caring and amazing at her job, she very experienced and professional. She sat me down and taught me, some tips and recapped the material form part one. I got to bleed almost all the patients and it went very well I was very happy with everything. Ii found her helpful professional and more knowledge able in the field and was very good with teaching me. Thank you very much for this opportunity. Kind regards Sahris Jabeen 14th Nov 2014

Dear Dr Shahbaz A Cheema:
Thank you very much for introducing me to the Somerset Family Health Practice for Live Blood Sessions under the supervision of Jasmin. The sessions went on very well and were very informative and fruitful. The guidance and supervision of Jasmin was outstanding. She is a very talented and skilful phlebotomist and was explaining every aspect of phlebotomy in full details both in theory and practice. I am very grateful to you and thank you very much that you sent me to attend live blood sessions with Jasmin who is one of the most capable, polite and intelligent phlebotomist. Kind regards, Dr Ajmal Noor.

Danielle Gordon writes on 10th November 2014:
Hello Dr Cheema, I have just finished my live bloods session training, the trainer has been extremely helpful to me and has helped me to understand phlebotomy even further. She took the time to go over the topics that I was unsure of and helped me with my confidence. I feel very confident nowe as she maade me feel at ease. I have been able to take blood with her assistance and I think that she goes above and beyond to make her students feel welcome. She printed out help sheets for me to go over and I think that is really a great thing to do. Thank you once again Dr Cheema Danielle Gordon Anisa Simota

Caitlin Says:
Hello Dr. Cheema, I just came from my live blood sessions and I just wanted to thank you for my placement. Hassu was very friendly and a fantastic person. I really enjoyed working with her. God bless you and thanks again. Caitlin

Hamdi Abdullahi writes:
HelloDr Cheema, Hello this is Hamdi Abdullahi Mohamed, I have been booked on Thursday 30th of October 2014 for live blood session.I would like like to give a positive feedback on my session, todays session has been beyond my expectation, the trainer was very specific and understanding making sure that i comprehend theoretically and practically.I found myself at ease, I highly recommend the participation of this tutor.I'm really happy to have had this opportunity,thank you very much maxis health care for their professionalism. I highly recommend you consider the participation of the tutors Dr Hina not only in practice but also in theory. Hamdi Abdullahi 31 October 2014 11:30:37

Mukuna Yakatende saya:
Dear Dr Cheema, I am writing to thank you for giving me the opportunity to do this phlebotomy training courses with Maxis Healthcare. I was so happy to do my live blood session by a qualified trainer and I learnt a lot more practically. I have now too much confidence and I really feel great and can do the job. Once again thank you ,Yours faithful, Mukuna Yakatende

Anisa Simota writes:
Hi...Dr Cheema, I can tell that these E-lessons are really interesting, simple and understandable. They are like a nice summary revision. That makes them valuable and useful. I personally find a lot of unknown words but that makes it more challenging to me. Thank you very much. Your sincerely Anisa Simota

Patrick Mouelle Says:
Dear Dr Shahbaz, I thought i drop you a line to thank you from the bottom of my hearth for the Phlebotomy Course. The first two days were very good. On my way to my live session with the trainer I was very very nervous when i arrived at the clinic she was waiting for me with a very big smile and gave me a very warm welcome. First thing she said was"YOU DO NOT HAVE ANY REASONS TO BE NERVOUS,YOU ARE HERE TO BE TRAINED AND WE ARE GOING TO WORK TOGETHER TODAY AND IF YOU LISTEN TO ME YOU WILL STOP BEING NERVOUS AND GET SOME GOOD EXPERIENCE IF YOU WANT TO" after those words i was really relaxed. I enjoyed so much her approach and training that I would love to book another session with the same trainer.I have received both Certificate. Warm Regards, Patrick Mouelle

Liberator Douglas Says:
Dear Maxis Healthcare, I just finished my live blood sessions, Dr Hina was my assessor, When I walked in to the Phlebotomy clinic I was thinking of booking another practical session because I did not have the confidence and thought one day was not enough. My assessor gave me that confidence. She moved with me from ground level to the highest level. Something I thought I would never reach. If I get the job today I will take it withouht hesitation at all. Dr Hina has no idea how much she has changed my life. I am ready to work. Thank you very much Maxis Health Care for having such good teachers, The Doctor that gave us theory and practcal lessons in the dry lab. on the 11 and 12 January was excellent. Thank you once again,God Bless you, Liberator

Dr. Mamatha Gandra
Hi Dr, This is just to inform you that my practical training went well.Trainer has been very friendly and had given theoretically also practically a very good experience in Phlebotomy. My sincere thanks to you for conducting such course, which helps many folks in building their career.Wish you good luck, Thanks,Dr Gandra

Stella Evbaruese
Dear Cheema, This is just to inform you that I have completed the competence training today. Dr.Rizana was a wonderful person and she helped me on every step.I enjoyed every bit of the training, I thank you all. Thanks. Stella

Sana from Mancheter says:
Respected Dr Cheema, I have recently attended the Phlebotomy Training, Thank you for the most amazing experience of my life. It was highly specialized, interesting and very professional. In just a few days, my career plan seems exciting as a Phlebotomist. The live blood session was incredible, where I had the opportunity to work with Dr Hina a very talented healthcare professional. I was so impressed by the venue, Lecturers and the fact that my every word was their command. This was the most reliable, achievable and wonderful experience, and I would definitely recommend this training course to everyone, as it definitely exceeded my expectations. Thank you Dr.Cheema, I look forward to working for you in the very near future. Sana

Edmund Alozie Writes:
Dear Dr. Cheema, I would like to express my heartiest thanks to you for the wonderful training in phlebotomy. I really enjoyed both parts of the training (dry and live blood sessions) I remembered every bit of fun l had during the training with the two amazing female phlebotomists. Please convey my regards to them. They are exceptionally genius. Everything, including the free meals and drinks and the company of you and your assistants were just wonderful. The trainer, Hiral Patel’s contributions at the clinic were very valuable and worthy to be followed by others. She was very polite and with alot of patience and trained me very effectively. I am very grateful indeed. The E- lessons on the internet are absolutely brilliant. I can assure you that l will definitely recommend friends and significant others to your institute.Yours sincerely,Edmund Alozie,London SE19 3UY

Nada Eissa Anur:
Dear Dr. Cheema, I hope my email find you well. I would like to take the opportunity to thank you and Dr Javid for your great role in organising the part one and two courses. During my attendance, the Basic Phlebotomy Course (PART1), I found it extremely beneficial. The course provided extensive theory and allowed me to demonstrate the practical knowledge I had learned in a safe and secure environment. The course organisers were very friendly and approachable and made me feel very relaxed from the beginning. Since attending the course I have recommended it to all my friends and colleagues who would like to seek this speciality. I had such a fantastic and invaluable time on the part two course; I have become much more confident now in my abilities as a phlebotomist. I had trained under the supervision of the trainer Jasmin; she is such a divine gift. Jasmin is very knowledgeable, patient, enthusiastic, helpful, and approachable person. She is very friendly and created a relaxed environment which made me feel that I am her colleague not a student as she provided me with Blood Collection handout and also sample of Routine Blood Orders. I hope I will have the chance to work with her again since her characteristics are difficult to apply in one person. Thank you so much, as I have had a great experience enrolling on your amazing and highly organised training course. Yours sincerely, Nada Eissa Anur.

Vigrita Bisha Writes:
Hello Dear Dr Cheema, I Hope you're doing well. I would like to thank you very much for the Phlebotomy Course and Training and for making a Refree for me. I have got a job as a Phlebotomist in NHS and I'm very happy! I appreciate a lot your help, and will recommend The MAXIS HEALTHCARE anyone who is interested to do a phlebotomy training courses that I know or get in touch with. Kind Regards Vigrita Bisha

Hanna Furness says:
Good evening Doctor Cheema, I attended the live blood sessions with Doctor Hina. I did many samples and was told that I did very well. I learnt a lot of things from Doctor Hina, she made it a very enjoyable experienced and taught me various things while we had gaps between patients.Thank you for the placement. Kind regards,Hannah Furness

Hi Dr Shahbaz:
Dear Dr. Shahbaz, Thank you for all your support. The course is totally excellent. The course tutors are excellent. I will recommend the course to other personal fitness trainers who want to become Phlebotomists. Kind Regards Mark Personal Fitness Trainer 10th Feb 2014

Dr Dionisios Kanis says:
Dear Dr. Shahbaz, I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to obtain a certification in phlebotomy. I have completed my morning. It was a pleasure to meet Jasmin who help me a lot to improve my skills in phlebotomy. She was very kind, supportive, encouraging me all the time, willing not just to show me the technique of collecting a blood specimen but also explain every step with details, and also while she was busy and her time was valuable she possess the willing to print substantial syllabus in phlebotomy for me. My clinical experience and as a California certified phlebotomist allows me to have my medical opinion about Ms Jasmin that she is doing an excellent work, with excessive and also updated knowledge in phlebotomy.Thank you very much both of you. Kind regards Dr Dionisios Kanis

Dr. Nada Mustafa wrote:
Der Dr.Cheema, Alot of thanks to you for really beneficial training you have,I feel very happy to get back to medical field while I'm preparing to register in GMC . I will recommend for all doctors looking for a work during their studies. Thanks Dr.Nada Mustafa

Yatta Bangura says:
Hello Dr Cheema, I have completed my Phlebootmy Training.Jasmine is a very experienced trainer, very polite and accommodating, calm, welcoming with positive approach, supportive, create a very relaxing environment to work in, builds up your confident to carry out your job and goes the extra- mile to recap on your theory session with some more simpler handouts. I like her attitude and patience dealing with trainee phelebothomist. I will recommend all trainee to complete their training with her, because the trainer has a great impact in building your confidence and preparing you for your dream job. I appreciated all the time I spent with her during my live blood practical sessions and she really inspired me with her wonderful techniques. I would like to say thank you for giving me an opportunity to complete my training. God bless. Happy new year Yatta Bangura 31 December 2013 15:00:16

Camila Ryder wrote:
Hello Dr Cheema, I hope you are well. I was impressed with the course that you organize, the both location are very clean and tidy, the staff is very helpful and specially Jasmine.She is very professional although I have many years of experience from Colombia but I have learnt a lot of new techniques with Jasmine.I am very glad that I have met you and your stuff who are extremely focus in details, as Jasmine was with me yesterday. This course, I will recommended to any one in health department and also to people who already are phlebotomist, come for the refresher. Now definitely I will use the new technique. Kind Regards Camila Ryder

Jan Arblaster says:
I had received your e-Lessons and find them very interesting. I would like to ask you a question regarding my age. At the moment I am 62 years old, would you consider an older person would possibility have a slimier chance of gaining employment? However I do feel I have the right credentials. Thanking you in anticipation

Norma Donnelly Says:
Hello Dr Cheema, I had been searching a place where I could pursue this dream of mine.Thank God that I spoken to some old friend who mentioned Maxis Healthcare. My working schedule was very awkward. I was as HCA for 6 days a week but I was offered the training which was fitted very well according to my schedule and now I am so happy that I am now a qualified Phlebotomist. I was so confused while searching the credible training comapny and thanks God I was saved by Maxis Healthcare. I would recommend every body Maxis Healthcare. Please be careful and don't be misguided by some of only domain based companies who are misleading candidates, Norma

Odette ferguson Says:
Hello Dr Cheema, I am finding your E lessons quite interesting and informative. Looking forward to my course in July and will be contacting the office sometime next week on how to pay my fees.

jimoh kehinde Says:
Hello Dr Shahbaz, Thanks for all the lessons you have being sending to me. I really enjoyed them all. I just want to let you know that I have checked my inbox and my spam too I did not receive the E-certificate. So I will be very glad if you can re-send it to my e-mail. Thanks Osenat Jimoh.

Nicola Hall Says:
Dear Dr. Cheema, Hello I hope you are well and you don't mind if I provide you with some feedback, and I would also like to make a request. I really enjoyed the live blood sessions and found that although both of the trainers were very nice, Yasmin definitely instilled me with much more confidence. Rupal was very nice but I didn't get the same amount of information and direction that Yasmin delivered. After my session on Friday with Yasmin I felt really confident and trained as I should have been. I would have preferred to have Yasmin for both sessions and feel I would have benefited much more from her training style. Would you possibly consider letting me have one more session with Yasmin? I feel like I have reached a competent level but would definitely feel happier if you could let me spend one more session with her to bring me forward to where I feel I should be? I hope you don't mind me requesting this, I feel like I learnt my technique only on the second day so I would like to build on this and also build my confidence.I look forward to hearing back from you. Kind regards as always Nicola E Hall